About Us


WEY HING ENTERPRISE, a business aimed at long and mutual business relationship with all customers and focus on high quality and customer satisfaction.

Just as the company business has expanded rapidly in the market, the company has changed its name to WEY HING ENTERPRISE in 2022. The company's vision is to provide stainless steel and wrought iron architectural works with innovation design and superior service to its customer.

We have vast experience in manufacturing, production and furnishing. Our range of products include Grand Entrance with S/S Aluminium Wood Colour Gate, Door, Window Grille, Staircase / Balcony Handrail, Special 2 in 1 Door, Flag Pole, Letter Box and all kind of stainless steel fabrication works. WEY HING is confident in providing effective services as well as competitive prices with the commitment of excellence and professionalism.

(Note: All the projects that had completed after date 6th June 2022, will be manage by Wey Hing Enterprise. Terms & conditions apply.)


Nature Of Business

Specialist in fabrication of stainless steel as following:

Grand Entrance with S/S Aluminium Wood Colour Gate

Special 2 in 1 Door

Door, Window Grille

Flag Pole, Letter Box

Staircase / Balcony Handrail

All kind of stainless steel fabrication works